Breast Prosthetics

Women who have has a mastectomy, or invasive breast surgery may feel very self-conscious about no longer having breasts or how their breasts may appear. Many women who have had to have a mastectomy feel overwhelmed by making further decisions regarding their breasts after a mastectomy; in these instances, breast prosthetics are an alternative to reconstruction. For women who still desire a breast shape, a prosthesis, also called a breast form, can help your chest appear balanced without surgery.

Who may benefit from breast prosthetics?

Women who may benefit from breast prosthesis may include mastectomies or lumpectomies done for malignant or benign tumours which may have left one or both breasts with an undesired shape and aesthetic. Whether you are still considering reconstruction at a later stage, a prosthesis is the quickest way to fill the space where your breast should have been. Beyond improving self-image and confidence, a breast prosthesis can also:

  • 1.  Make the breasts look more symmetrical
  • 2.  Protect the surgical scar from surgery
  • 3.  Allow clothing to fit better
  • 4.  Prevent the shoulder from dropping which causes muscle spasms in the neck and back
  • 5.  Keep your bra from moving and riding upwards
  • 6.  Aid in a balancing posture

What prosthetics are available?

Your breast form is made to your specific needs, matched to your skin tone and fitted perfectly flush with your chest wall to ensure it stays in place. With a variety of forms and fits to choose from such as silicone gel, foam or fiberfill interior, Dr Bronkhorst will aid you in restoring your self-image.

Finally, your Orthotist & Prosthetist will measure and fit your custom prosthetic bra (also known as a mastectomy bra) as needed to allow your breast prosthesis to slip into the pocket of the bra. If you prefer to wear the prosthesis without a bra, you may have an adhesive patch or magnet fitted to it which may attach to the upper edge of your breast area to keep it in place.

As an extremely well-versed and compassionate Orthotist & Prosthetist, Dr Johannes Bronkhorst is able to assist you in finding the most suitable breast prosthetic for you. During your consultation, he will discuss your concerns and desires you have, as well as measure you to ensure the fit and form are perfect before creating your breast form prosthetics and prosthetic bra.