Johannes Bronkhorst

Dr Johan Bronkhorst is a qualified Medical Orthotist & Prosthetist, a qualification that he obtained in 2009 at the Technical University Of Technology (TUT).

He worked in the public sector as well as the Department Of Defence for a number of years where he obtained invaluable knowledge and skills pertaining to the specific needs of patients in the public sector.

Dr Bronkhorst then went off to join a private practice in the North West where he went on to service the influx of patients in and around the greater Rustenburg area.

In 2013 he decided to go into private practice with a colleague and is currently providing Orthotic and Prosthetic services to numerous hospitals, frail care and rehabilitation institutions.



Furthermore, he is part of a specialised multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team that provides a service to patients around the country.

Over the years, he has focused his expertise in the care of Cerebral Palsy and Paediatric Patients as he found a passion for helping these patients.

Orthotics & Prosthetics practice, he places focus on the evaluation, measuring, manufacturing and fitting of orthosis, prosthesis and sports bracing to enhance the functionality and quality of life of his patients.

Aside from this focus, patient education and guidance are essential for him as he believes this forms a crucial part of the patient's rehabilitation journey.