Mobility aids are devices designed to help those with difficulty moving around due to injury or disability. Instead of being dependant on others for help, these devices are intended to ensure a better quality of life and independence for those with mobility problems.

Who may benefit from mobility aids?

People who have mobility difficulties due to injuries or disability may choose a mobility aid to help them function in daily life more independently. Mobility aids may also be used for older adults who are at increased risk of falling. With the range of mobility aids available in these modern times, Dr Bronkhorst can assist you in finding the most suitable aid for your daily needs. Aside from enhancing mobility and providing independence, mobility aids can also reduce pain and increase self-esteem and confidence

What mobility aids are available?

  • 1.  Crutches & Walking Frames
  • 2.  Wheelchairs
  • 3.  Powered Wheelchairs
  • 4.  Home Assistive Devices
  • 5.  McLean CP Seating
  • 6.  Paediatric Solutions