Orthotics are custom devices made to modify structural and functional issues that may be affecting various parts of the body. They can be used for the following reasons:

  • 1.  To aid in the recovery of bone fractures and breaks
  • 2.  To correct or accommodate for deformities or non-functioning parts of the body
  • 3.  To reduce weight-bearing forces on the part of the body
  • 4.  To assist in the movement and functioning of the body part
  • 5.  To reduce pain in a body part
  • 6.  To control, limit or immobilise a part of the body like a limb or joint.
  • Who may benifit from orthotic devices?

    They can be used to ease pain and enhance the mobility of those who suffer from pain in their back, lower limbs and upper limbs or for increasing blood flow to a limb or assisting in better posture, stability and sensory feedback

    What orthotic devices are available?

    • 1.  Lower Extremity Orthotics
    • 2.  Upper Extremity Orthotics
    • 3.  Spinal Orthotics
    • 4.  Sensory Orthoses
    • 5.  Compression Therapy
    • 6.  Neuro and Muscle Stimulators
    • 6.  Cryotherapy & Cast Covers