People may lose an entire or part of a limb or body part due to cancer, traumatic injuries, amputation due to circulation issues, and even congenital disabilities. With the advancement of medicine, doctors may replace these missing parts with prosthetics.

With this being said, the challenges that are faced for those who may have lost a part of their body due to cancer, trauma or amputation are often beyond our comprehension. As an experienced and knowledgeable Orthotist & Prosthetist, Dr Bronkhorst is passionate about changing the lives of those who enter his doors.

Knowing the physical and psychological challenges that his patients are facing, he prides himself in taking a personal approach to each of his patients guiding them with compassion through the process.

A prosthesis is an artificial device intended to restore or replace the missing body part. Some prostheses are purely cosmetic and thus have no function, while others are created to be functional. The specialisation of prosthetics is done by an Orthotist & Prosthetist who specialises in the measuring and fitting of prostheses and custom made orthotics when necessary.

The construction, material and design of a prosthesis part depend on what it is replacing and whether or not it is to be functional or cosmetic. Usually, a prosthesis is made from a durable and robust material, which is relatively lightweight material such as carbon fibre. This material is then covered with a foam padding for comfort and a flesh-coloured plastic.

From choosing the best prosthesis for your specific needs; through the process of measuring, creating, and fitting your prosthesis, Dr Bronkhorst strives to aid each of his patients in tackling the new challenges they may face while enhancing the quality of life and mobility.